The Author

In 1985, the U.S. Justice Department started retaining Carmon as its attorney to represent the government’s interests in its Israeli civil litigation matters, a task he continues to perform. Carmon is also the legal counsel to the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, and in 2007, he successfully represented the European Union in civil litigation cases in Israel. He also represents business entities with transnational interests. Haggai Carmon is a member of the U.S Association of Former Intelligence Officers.

The intelligence thrillers that Haggai Carmon authors are inspired by the sensitive undercover work he performed for two decades. The U.S. Department of Justice and other government agencies assigned him with the worldwide responsibility (except for the U.S.) for gathering foreign intelligence that required undercover work in more than thirty countries. The thrillers describe CIA/MOSSAD cooperation where the protagonist Dan Gordon, a Mossad veteran now working for the U.S Department of Justice in foreign intelligence gathering, discovers that the seemingly routine cases he is handling are espionage or terrorist related.

To date, Haggai Carmon has written five novels in the Dan Gordon Intelligence Thriller® series: Triple Identity, The Red Syndrome, The Chameleon Conspiracy, Triangle of Deception and Defection Games. Although the thrillers are fiction, their authenticity is unparalleled, a fact attested to by the identity and words of the individuals who wrote the books’ introductions.

* For Triple Identity: Sarah McKee, former general counsel, INTERPOL, USA and an “Anonymous” former top MOSSAD executive.
* For The Red Syndrome: Brigadier General Ephraim Sneh, Israel’s former Deputy Minister of Defense and Minister of Health.
* For The Chameleon Conspiracy: Andre LeGallo, former top CIA operative.
* For The Triangle of Defection: Jacob Perry, former director of SHABACK, Israel’s internal security service.
* For Defection Games: David Epstein, former Director of Foreign Litigation for the U.S Department of Justice.

Carmon’s books were published in hardcover, trade paperback, mass-market pocketbook, audio, Kindle and eBook editions. Triple Identity was also translated into Hebrew and published by Israel’s largest publishing house, Yediot Acharonot, for distribution in Israel.

Haggai Carmon is the author of Foreign Judgments in Israel: Recognition and Enforcement, a legal textbook, with an introduction by the Hon. Eliezer Rivlin, Deputy Chief Justice, Israel Supreme Court, published in 2011 by the Publishing House of the Israel Bar Association. The book was published in English in 2013 by SPRINGER publishing house.

Haggai Carmon, son of a banker and writer, grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel. Following a career involving international activities, he graduated cum laude from the Tel Aviv University School of Law. In 1986, he graduated from St. John’s University in New York with a Certificate in International Law and Diplomacy and in 1987 with an M.A. degree in Government and Politics.

During the 1984 general elections, Carmon was appointed as a member of Shimon Peres’ personal campaign team. When Shimon Peres became Prime Minister of Israel, he appointed Carmon as the Chief Delegate of the Israeli Labor Party to the United States. In 1985, Prime Minister Shimon Peres and Finance Minister Yitzhak Modai appointed Carmon as their representative to The Task Force, a 400-member organization of businessmen created to promote closer U.S – Israeli economic cooperation. In 1986, Prime Minister Peres dispatched Carmon as a special envoy to the Philippines to establish broader cooperation with the new Aquino government in combating terror.

Haggai Carmon is married to Rakeffet his law partner. They have five children.

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